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Is your business looking for a next generation global eCommerce platform based on AngularJS/Java/Spring and MongoDB?

Interested in discovering the quickest way to start selling online? Tired of monolithic eCommerce platforms that take forever to build and deploy?

Has your Magento-based store reached its performance and scalability limits?

Interested in leaning more about the only eCommerce/mCommerce platform with real-time language translation website workflows?

Welcome To VineOS eCommerce

100% SaaS-based eCommerce platform

Front-end developed using AngularJS

Back-end APIs are developed in Java and Spring Boot hosted at Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Administration panel using Google Sheets

100% NoSQL database using MongoDB

Global eCommerce Platform

VineOS eCommerce Platform is a lightning fast mobile responsive global eCommerce solution integrated with enterprise-grade Java/Spring and a MongoDB NoSQL database.

Lightning Fast eCommerce Storefront

Built with AngularJS on the front-end referencing secure Java Spring REST APIs on the back-end. The database is 100% MongoDB with Google Sheets as the Administrative Panel. This unique architecture provides enterprise grade performance and security coupled with a scalable user interface. This is the next generation Java-based eCommerce platform!

Quickly build eCommerce solutions with robust JSON API Web Services

Product search based on Apache Solar accessible via a simple API interface. Shopping cart API that promotes a universal shopping cart experience for all of your eCommerce storefronts.

Translation Workflow Management

Create language translation workflows that map to your business needs. Support one or many translation providers, or define custom translation approval processes.

Guaranteed Landed Cost Calculation API

Guaranteed landed cost in the customer's preferred currency with duties, taxes, brokerage fees and shipping costs included available natively within the VineOS eCommerce platform or as a standlone API service. Your international customers will receive their fully landed cost totals in the shopping cart.


Mobile Responsive

Looks great on both desktops and mobile devices. The front-end framework uses AngularJS and Bootstrap. You may substitute your own design and CSS frameworks.

Guaranteed Landed Cost

Guaranteed landed cost in the customer’s preferred currency with duties, taxes, brokerage fees and shipping costs included. Your international customers will receive their fully landed cost totals in the shopping cart.

Guaranteed Fraud Management

Orders pass through fraud a prevention API solution prior to fulfillment, and 100% insured against chargebacks.

Your Own Domain

Point your CNAME record to our servers, and the storefront will operate under your name.

Co-Managed Import Duties Management

Configurable International Shipping Documetnation

Configurable Shipping Documentation

The Commercial Invoice API generates printable Commercial Invoices for your international shipments, including packing slips.

Automated Status Updates Between API Vendors

VineOS automatically update status information in supported third-party platforms via API calls.

Product Returns (Reverse Logistics)

Return shipping labels and customs documentation are generated for product returns.

Complete Web Analytics

Web analytics and social metrics are viewable on mobile friendly devices. Supports Google Analytics and Moz.

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