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Is your online business looking for direct-to-consumer global e-commerce solutions?

Do you want to own your cross-border e-commerce experience instead of outsourcing it?

Are you looking for a light-weight, fully guaranteed import duties and taxes (landed cost) platform?

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Global Platform

VineOS is a mobile friendly global e-commerce platform that integrates leading e-commerce APIs into a cloud-based operating system

Fast and Accurate HS Classification

Each classification includes 10-digit HS tariff code, and duty & tax rates assignment for every product SKU.

Fully Guaranteed Landed Cost Engine

Guaranteed landed cost in the customer’s preferred currency with duties, taxes, brokerage fees and shipping costs included.

Ship Using Your Carrier's Account

Orders are automatically imported into your carrier's shipping API to generate shipping labels for FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS.

International Documentation Generation

Automatically generate paper or paperless customs documentation for your international documentations, which will improve your international shipping process.


Co-Managed Duties Management

Retailers have full access to view, manage and adjust duty rates directly.

Guaranteed Landed Cost API

Each landed cost calculation is fully guaranteed. Your customers are reimbursed if they are overcharged for duties and taxes.

Guaranteed Fraud Management API

Orders pass through fraud a prevention API solution prior to fulfillment, and 100% insured against chargebacks.

Automatically Process Orders

Download and fulfill orders from popular marketplace and e-commerce platforms including ChannelAdvisor, eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify. No software extensions installation necessary, orders processed in the cloud.

Co-Managed Import Duties Management

Configurable International Shipping Documetnation

Configurable Shipping Documentation

The Commercial Invoice API generates printable Commercial Invoices for your international shipments, including packing slips.

Automate Status Changes Between API Vendors

VineOS automatically update status information in supported third-party platforms via API calls.

Product Returns (Reverse Logistics)

Return shipping labels and customs documentation are generated for product returns.

Complete Web Analytics

Web analytics and social metrics are viewable on mobile friendly devices. Supports Google Analytics and Moz.

Monthly Pricing

Fraud Management

  • Automatically run orders through fraud prevention solution. Orders may automatically be cancelled in the original e-commerce platform, if request. All orders are insured against chargebacks.
  • Free setup
  • 1 website

    * Magento
    * BigCommerce
    * Shopify
    * PrestaShop
  • 1.9% per transaction
  • 15 Day Free Trial
  • Email Support 24/7
  • Mobile friendly Google Analytics Free for 2 months

Cross Border E-Commerce

  • Everything you need to manage cross-border e-commerce transactions
  • Features

    * Guaranteed Landed Cost
    * Customs Docs Generation
    *Shipment\Returns Label Generation
  • 2% per transaction fee for international orders
  • $3.00/ HS classification
  • 1 website

    * Magento
    * BigCommerce
    * Shopify
    * ChannelAdvisor
    * PrestaShop
  • 1 carrier

    * UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL
    *ADDL carrier $250/month
  • Email Support 24/7
  • Mobile friendly Google Analytics Free for 2 months

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